I release haiku poems back into the wild. I run barefoot on trails. For about 20 years, I worked in corporate communications in the fields of health care and snack food manufacturing. I’ve served as a corporate spokesperson, an emcee, and a writer or editor of more than a thousand business and marketing/communications plans and documents that were approved by committee.

Now I fulfill my wildest editing and proofreading passions by focusing full-time on helping writers, authors, and world-changers. I edit nonfiction books and other works so they can share their messages as brilliantly and accurately as possible, and get the readership and results they desire. I have edited more than 125 published nonfiction books. If you have a book or project that needs attention, I would love to chat with you about it and see how I can help.

Jennifer Jas
Words With Jas LLC
Aurora, Colorado, USA