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“I am blown away at how she can take something that I wrote … and turn it into something that’s absolutely amazing.” — Jason Miller, CEO of Strategic Advisor Board (SAB)

Precise, Thorough, Expert

Jennifer was a huge help as editor of my book Reframing Poverty: New Thinking and Feeling About Humanity’s Greatest Challenge, released in January 2019. Her work was precise, thorough, expert, and timely. Like clockwork, she hit every date she promised, and she was available to answer whatever questions I had. Overall I was very pleased with her work and I will definitely work with her again .​..

Eric Meade, Author of Reframing Poverty, Futurist, and Organizational Strategist

Detail-Oriented, and Professional

I’m fortunate to have found Jennifer when I was in the process of publishing my first book. From the initial proposal, she was personable, detail-oriented, and professional. She’s a skillful editor and, even more importantly, worked with me throughout the process to make sure that the edits maintained my voice and message. It was a wonderful experience collaborating with her and the output was very high quality. Writing your first book can be a delicate experience and I’m grateful to have found such an amazing editor!

Ngan Nguyen, Author of 7 Powerful Questions to Discover Your Dream Life

She Is an Expert

Jennifer Jas has been the primary copyeditor and proofreader for my publishing company, Times 10 Publications, since its inception in 2015, proofreading more than thirty-five books, all of which have sold around the world and are mistake-free, thanks to Jennifer’s keen eye. Jennifer is so much more than someone who looks for spelling and punctuation errors. She is an expert at formatting in multiple styles and is a fantastic fact-checker. I can’t count how many readers have said, “I love how clean and mistake-free your books are.” Beyond all of this, Jennifer has helped me develop our Hack Learning Series with her insightful feedback about what works and how we could improve.

Sometimes, she’s working closely with an author to develop one manuscript, while proofreading another. A wonderful communicator, Jennifer is always there when I need someone’s ear so I can brainstorm ways to improve our products. She is a consummate professional, and it is with the highest regard that I recommend Jennifer Jas for any editing or proofreading job.

Mark Barnes, Founder, Times 10 Publications

A Treasure to Work With

I’m so grateful for the confidence and sure-footedness Jennifer gave me. She’s a treasure to work with, and I hope she’ll be a permanent member of my team. This is only the beginning.

Linda Dierks, Bestselling Author of Quiet Mind: How to Create Freedom from Depression and Anxiety

Over-the-Moon Impressed

I hired Jennifer to do what I thought would be a quick edit of my book and was over-the-moon impressed with the value she was able to add to the project. She is not only thorough, as you would expect of an editor, she asked me some insightful questions about the content that improved it! I will absolutely hire her again .​..

Merit Gest, CSP, Sales Mindset Expert, Author of From Myth to Money: 12 Costly Mythstakes Top Sales Professionals Avoid

Finds the Best Words for Complex Topics

Jennifer helped me a lot in correcting and improving business and marketing texts for my startup. She is extremely good at finding the best words for complex topics and, thanks to her, I could express our concepts much better. Another reason why I love working with Jennifer is her speed of reaction and her high level of professionalism, empathy, and communication.

Evgeniya Slinko, Founder, Eventify Life, Social Impact Entrepreneur

Jen Is Awesome

Jen was just what I needed. Good work, good communication, and on time. Jen is awesome. :)​

John “Izzy” Israel, Author of The Mr. Thank You Project: A Journey to Elevate the Level of Gratitude on the Planet, One Card at a Time

A Meticulous Editor

Jennifer is a meticulous editor who does not read with blinders on. She has a good sense of the overall project, its audience, and the importance of maintaining the voice of the author. I was very impressed with her skill, her speed, and her thoroughness as she read through a book project twice—first as a copyeditor, second as a proofreader. Would definitely use her again and recommend her highly to others.

Ron Sauder, Secant Publishing

Amazing Experience

Amazing experience! Jennifer completed the edit within the scheduled time while doing an excellent job.

Matt Kowald, Author of The Yogi’s Journal

Didn’t Miss a Beat

Jennifer was great to work with. Our project was complicated, and we brought her in on short notice. She picked up the work without missing a beat and delivered at every turn. She did fantastic work as a copyeditor, proofreader, and “writing coach.” Thank you, Jennifer!

Keith Phillips, Editor, South Carolina Living Magazine

Nailed the Deadline

Jennifer did an outstanding job! She was personable, professional, and willing to accommodate my project on a tight timeline. Not only was the work great, but she nailed the deadline. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Stefanie Manns, Writer

Such a Great Help

Jennifer was such a great help in editing our project. After designing a new workshop series, we needed an effective overview of our project. It was with Jennifer’s assistance that we created the perfect image and overview to market our workshop. We not only love her edits but also her comments on why she suggests optional stylistic changes. I feel confident knowing that her keen eye has looked over everything before we print or post it.

Colette Wilson, Education Consultant

A+++ in Every Way

When searching for a freelancer … you pray you find the dream person. Well, Jennifer Jas is the one you should hope to find and hire. Her quality of work, professionalism, timeliness, and consistency set her apart from the rest. I know this from multiple jobs with her over the past few years. A+++ in every way … and beyond expectations. Thank you, Jennifer!

Benjamin Preisner (Mister Ben), Author of A Guide to your Dog’s Ear Health / A Guide to Your Cat’s Ear Health