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Published Clients:

The Wellness-Empowered Woman by Reena Vokoun


Injury Illustrated: How Medical Images Win Legal Cases by R. Annie Gough


Attunement: How Life Creates Consciousness by John H. Hidley, MD


Million Dollar Journey: How to Launch a Seven-Figure Business by Erik J. Olson


Perpetual Conflict: A Journey of Art and Redemption by Victoria Wolf


Leaving Drug & Alcohol Addictions for Good: How Biochemical Restoration Radically Improves Your Chances of Recovery by Joseph Eisele and Sharon R. Montgomery


Light Through the Cracks by Lydia Dean


Conscious Cures: Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics by Donna Maltz


Whispers for Terra by Nancy Houser-Bluhm


Are You Present In Your Body With Your Money by Dana Stovern


Weedonomics 101: The Entrepreneur’s Guidebook to the Cannabis Industry by Todd Johnson


Two Million Steps by Tommy Anderson


Whole Mind Facilitation: How to Lead Workshops That Change People, Organizations, and the World by Eric Meade


Blue Yonder by Susan L. Gemmill


Flying Against the Odds: One Man’s Journey to New Ways of Healing by Jean-Jacques Trocon


Be a Startup Superstar: Ignite Your Career Working at a Tech Startup by Steven Mark Kahan


Notes to My Son by Eric Lynn


Grow Like a Lobster: Plan and Prepare for Extraordinary Business Results by Joshua Dick


Jiffy Body: The 10-Minute System to Avoid Joint and Muscle Pain by Bart Potter


The Magic Words and the 12 Steps and The Magic Words: Your Pathway to Peace, Joy, and Happiness, Where Miracles Become Expectations by Jon Lovgren


Quiet Mind: How to Create Freedom from Depression and Anxiety by Linda Dierks


Reframing Poverty: New Thinking and Feeling About Humanity’s Greatest Challenge by Eric Meade


Prave: The Adventures of the Blind and the Brittle by Dave Bahr


My Mother Once Told Me by Carol A. Schauer


Essential Denver: Discovery and Exploration Guide by Lisa J. Shultz


Espoused by Jean Marie Davis


The Furnace of Leadership Development: How to Mold Integrity and Character in Today’s World by Rick Davis


Deal Your Own Cards: 10 Skills to Build a Winning Hand by Donna Sylvester


The Mr. Thank You Project: A Journey to Elevate the Level of Gratitude on the Planet, One Card at a Time by John “Izzy” Israel


7 Powerful Questions to Discover Your Dream Life by Ngan H. Nguyen


Battle Digest by Trinsicore, LLC, founded by Christopher Petty (Brigadier General, Retired)


The Yogi’s Journal by Laura Heggs and Matt Kowald


Purchase Power Retirement Formula: The Secret Strategy for Achieving the Retirement of Your Dreams … on Any Budget by Idris Manley


Mom Fog: 7 Steps to Overcoming Mom Fatigue Syndrome by Hannah Keeley


Mobilizing Mindfulness and Mental Events Field Journal by Todd Brossart


South Carolina Living Magazine


Times 10 Publications / Hack Learning Series

Hacking Graphic Novels, Project Based Learning, The Startup Teacher Playbook, Hacking Teacher Burnout, Teaching in Magenta, Permission to Pause, Anxious, Modern Mentor, Quiet Kids Count, Hacking Instructional Design; Quit Point; Make Writing; Hacking Assessment; Hacking Leadership; Hacking the Common Core; Hacking Literacy; Hacking Engagement; Hacking Homework; Hacking Project Based Learning; Hacking Google for Education; Hacking Engagement Again; Hacking Digital Learning; Hacking Classroom Management; Hacking the Writing Workshop; Hacking Mathematics; Hacking Parenthood; Hacking School Libraries; uNforgettable

Photo of editor holding a stack of published books.
Book cover of Hacking School Discipline
Book cover of Injury Illustrated
Book cover of The Wellness-Empowered Woman
Book cover of Reframing Poverty
Book cover of Prave, The Adventures of the Blind and the Brittle
Book cover of Notes to My Son
Book cover of The Magic Words
Book cover of Jiffy Body
Book cover of Million Dollar Journey
Book cover of Attunement
Book cover of Conscious Cures
Book cover of Be a Startup Superstar
Book cover of Purchase Power Retirement Formula
Book cover of The Mr. Thank You Project
Book cover of Grow Like a Lobster