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Contact me to set up an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your project and needs.



I am happy to provide a sample edit or proofread, depending on your needs, to make sure we are a good match to work together. This may include a sample line edit or proofread of part of a document, or a brief but high-level review of your entire manuscript. I guarantee you will be happy with the feedback and/or edits of a sample document, and if you are not, I will refund your cost.


DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING — Flat fee per project, or hourly rate

I focus on improving the larger issues of flow, clarity, voice, readability, and organization. A developmental edit does not get into the fine details of correcting errors, but looks at the big content issues first. As a fresh set of expert eyes, I provide you with comments and suggestions to help you revise your manuscript so the content is more engaging and organized.


COPYEDITING / LINE EDITING — Flat fee per project, or hourly rate

I review your manuscript line by line, correcting errors of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. I smooth out the syntax, tense, and sentence structure. I ensure consistency of style and check the facts as needed. I make sure your work comes across as brilliant and accurate, and your readers will not be distracted by any mistakes.


SUBSTANTIVE EDITING — Flat fee per project, or hourly rate

A substantive edit means I review your document for all issues—both large and small.  This is a combination of developmental editing (looking for high-level issues of flow and organization) and copyediting (looking for errors of grammar and punctuation). I provide a detailed critique of your work with helpful feedback and suggestions. I correct all errors, revise awkward constructions, replace lifeless prose with engaging language, remove repetition, change passive voice to active voice, and offer solutions so that you end up with a brilliant piece of work.


PROOFREADING — Flat fee per project, or hourly rate

A proofread takes place at the last stage of printing, publishing, or self-publishing. I review the final copy of your manuscript and correct any remaining typos or errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, tense, and formatting. I provide you with a clean, error-free document, ready to share with your audiences. 



Options include collaboration projects, and retainer packages for organizations or publishers who provide a regular cadence of work and want to be at the top of my priority list.